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Retractable Banner Stands
Marketing Retractable
Banner Stands are one of today’s most used marketing tools. They are used as Point-of-Purchase displays as well as for Conventions, Trade Shows, Events, Exhibits, and Assemblies. Perfect for most any marketing or sales venue!

The Visual
The visual impact is BIG, with a 33.5” width and 81” height; they easily dominate in the world of visuals such as posters and signs. The color images can be very striking and are limited only by your imagination. Near photo quality, the colors are vibrant and the images very sharp!

The Stand
The stands are made so that the vertical banner retracts into the aluminum base, which is compact and easy to transport. The base has rotating legs on the bottom, which align with the case for storage, and turn out for standing. It weighs only 8 pounds and for convenience comes with a canvas carry bag with straps.

The quality difference
In contrast with our competitors, who use cheaper and less substantial vinyl, we use one of the most durable films available, for maximum life and superior imagery. Our polyester film, 
which is waterproof, can withstand harsh environments indoors or outdoors with no fading, edge curl or warping, which is one of the biggest problems clients encounter with retractable banners. This media is tougher, thicker and tear-proof. The super-smooth surface results in astounding image quality, which must be seen to be believed. This media requires no lamination and is glare-free. 

Copymat Hollywood has built its name, in Hollywood and Los Angeles, as a go-to destination when you have a tight printing deadline, boasting some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. We are staffed, machined, experienced and prepared to respond to your needs.  We can produce these overnight and almost always same day, if  you are in a rush!